Clean Horse Hay in Texas

If you are looking for hay in Texas, you will find, or Central Texas Livestock Services. We started growing Coastal Bermuda Grass hay for Texas horses just a few years ago, with the goal of producing the highest quality horse hay available in Texas or Oklahoma. Since our inception, we have had several high producing hay growing seasons, each year producing more hay than the year before.

Our hay quality is our greatest concern. We have each Coastal Bermuda grass hay cut tested at the University of A & M for quality. Our hay has consistently at least 14.1% crude protein, producing clean horse hay at affordable pricing. Our prices don’t fluctuate with supply and demand – we want to offer dependable hay for horses in Texas at dependable prices. Call us for our best pricing available for horse hay in Texas – we undercut the competition because we want to provide clean hay (Coastal Bermudagrass) at affordable prices for your horses and other prize livestock.

Bermuda Grass Hay For Sale

Call today for clean horse hay. We have fresh cut hay now, still green. We are currently building storage, but for now, all hay must be sold as it is cut, so the entire hay cut must be sold! We are ready to cut the next hay crop, get your fresh hay for Texas horses today. Call Central Texas Livestock Services at 254-605-0522 to get your clean hay today.