Ranch Progress - "Making Hay"

Making Hay for the 2010 season: We had a setback in the form of sand burrs and a lack of irrigation due to the economy. The sand burrs can only be removed after the first year on the new fields so we have produced cow rounds only in 2010. And we have taken steps with Prowl H20 in February 2011 to achieve a 99% elimination of sand burrs at present. We have also added two new irrigation wells that operate continually to achieve the proper soil moisture to produce our desired quality product for you.

We have collected hay core samples that were processed at A & M with the first cutting showing a crude protein value of 14.2 on average with the following cuttings falling off to 10.2 due to the dry summer in Central Texas. These figures should improve greatly in the coming months of 2011.

Update: over 95% control of sand burrs! Only in isolated crop areas now, we are set to eradicate them in 2012!