About Us

We are located in Central Texas growing coastal bermuda grass for sale that is horse quality hay. We strive to bring the type of services to the Equestrian community that will make all of our lives easier to manage.

We are horse owners that have faced the same issues of hay supply as many of you:

  • Lack of regional supply of horse quality hay
  • Increasingly high prices for "good quality" hay.
  • Problems with old hay, mold, light loose bales, etc.

Our Business

We are currently in production of our fourth year on the existing pastures and have achieved our main objective of horse quality hay standards with our June 2011 cutting reaching 15% crude protein and higher as tested by Texas A & M. We are in the process of maintaining our grass against the persistent Texas drought, exploring underground irrigation/fertilization to maximize our irrigation efforts and attempting to hold the line on our hay prices for our customers.

There is always a battle with weeds but we have managed to reach an estimated 96% weed free status. Our customers are welcome to have a look at the pastures to see the results of our efforts.

We are interested in developing working relationships with brokers, hay producers, and horse owners around the country so we can attempt to maintain a stable supply of high quality hay for sale in the Central Texas region to our customers with the overall goal to provide access to tested horse quality hay products to make our areas less susceptible to high seasonal forage costs and to make us as drought proof as possible in the future.