About Us

We are located in the Cameron area of Central Texas and are growing coastal bermuda grass for sale that is 100% horse quality hay. 

We are horse owners that have faced the same issues of hay supply as many of you:

  • Lack of regional supply of horse quality hay
  • Increasingly high prices for "good quality" hay.
  • Problems with old hay, mold, light loose bales, etc.

Our Business

We are currently in our seventh year of production on the existing pastures and have achieved our main objective of horse quality hay standards beginning with our June 2011 to the present cutting reaching crude protein of between 10% - 15% and higher as tested by Texas A&M. Test results available.

We have been engaged in maintaining our grass against the persistent Texas drought, exploring underground irrigation/fertilization to maximize our irrigation efforts and attempting to hold the line on our hay prices for our customers. So far, 2015 started as a wet year which delayed our first cutting.  We still have 2014 hay with the price reduced to $5.50 per bale.  Call to check inventory before you haul). 

The first cutting for this year is finally done with small square bales and net-wrapped 4x5 round bales, all horse quality, stored in barns. We will provide the A&M quality report here when it is available.   

We still have some cow quality string-wrapped round bales from last year selling for $35 per bale, first come first served (Call to check inventory before you haul).

One of our biggest challenges has been, and continues to be, the need for reliable delivery of hay at a reasonable price. Our hay is everything that we claim. The fields are open for inspection and we highly recommend that you have a look before you buy hay, no matter where you buy it. 

While we have increased our ability to deliver, as of now, we are only making spot deliveries when we can ensure we are able to deliver on time as promised. Deliveries of more than 100 miles will have to be arranged and agreed upon with a few days advanced notice. Please contact us to determine if delivery is an option for your order.

We are interested in developing working relationships with brokers, hay producers, and horse owners around the country so we can attempt to maintain a steady supply of high quality hay for sale especially to our customers in the Central Texas region.  Our overall goal is to provide access to tested horse quality hay to people that require and expect clean grass hay at a fair price.


All pricing is in my barn, any delivery will require additional charges

2016 Horse Quality small square bales $6.00 each 

2015 Horse Quality Net-wrapped 4x5   $90  

2015 Horse Quality small square bales   $7.50

2014 Cow round string-wrapped & weathered 4x5  $35.00   I will load your trailer

2014 Horse Quality small squares  $5.50

Some limited delivery available at $1.50 per small square bale, $3.50 per loaded mile for 4x5 round bales. Max 10 per load.

(Call for availability and arrangement) (Aged and discounted hay - first come first serve)